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Harmful substances and contaminants affecting the environment constitute environmental pollution. All types of pollution such as air pollution, noise pollution, water pollution, light pollution, soil pollution, thermal pollution, radioactive pollution and others come under the broader category of environmental pollution. How this pollution affects us and how it is caused has been a matter of study for years. It the need of today to understand the effects of environmental pollution and what should be done to minimise it.

We have prepared long essays for students which shall not only provide information about environmental pollution and its effects but shall guide them as well how to contribute towards reducing environmental pollution. Environmental pollution is one of the most critical threats faced by our planet in the present day scenario.

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This is a global issue, which is seen commonly in all countries, including the third—world countries, irrespective of their developmental statuses. Environmental pollution is when human activities introduce contaminants in the environment, thereby leading to the disruption of the routine processes, causing irreversible changes in the environment. The agents causing pollution are called pollutants. Pollutants are substances occurring in nature or created because of extraneous human activities.

Pollutants can also be forms of energies let out in the environment. Based on the pollutants and the pollution caused in the components of the environment, the environmental pollution may be classified as follows:. Any natural resource found in the environment, when used at a higher rate than the ability of its restoration, leads to depletion, thereby causing environmental pollution. This will lead to the declination of environmental quality and is evidenced by the loss of biodiversity, loss of flora and fauna, the introduction of new diseases and stressful life in the human population, etc.

The environment forms a very important aspect of human life because that is where we find the essentials of life e. Due to global industrialization and modernization, there has been environmental pollution.

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The environmental pollution has greatly affected the quality of life for animals, plants and humans. Hazardous effects including diseases that have emerged as a result of environmental pollution. The types of environmental pollution are specific to causes and components of the environment. Environmental pollution is classified into groups depending on the natural components as follows; air pollution, noise pollution, soil pollution and water pollution.

The contaminants of the environment are called pollutants.How to write an essay Types of Essay. Thesis statement. Essay Examples New Essay Examples. Essay Topics. Essay Questions. Essay Outline. Essay on health: essay examples, topics, questions, thesis statement. Healthy food essay Good nutrition can help prevent disease and promote health.

Nutritionists therefore suggest several guidelines of healthy nutrition, for example:According to the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion and the U. Department of Health and Human Services. Child Obesity Essay Several studies proved that the importance of nutrition regulate humans health. Consequently, it is significant to understand the importance of nutrition in order to be healthy from day-to day.

Essay about The Impact of the Environment on Health

Nowadays, people are making changes in their lifestyle and include proper nutrition. Hence, understanding sufficient nutrition as a component of nutrient metabolism helps us to control and maintain proper health condition. Dimensions of Health Essay he seven dimensions of health are the next: physical dimension, spiritual dimension, emotional psychological dimension, social, mental intellectualoccupational and environmental dimensions.

This is because health has various dimensions. As for the social dimension of health it is important to say that it is connected with the relations between the person and the outer world.

essay about environmental health

Growth in Nursing Care Essay There is a significant growth of the number of home health care workers. The county is in a big need for people with professional nursing education to take care of people who need medical help at home. Nurses do a great job in monitoring the home health care system.

The best argument for home care is that it is a humane and compassionate way to deliver health care. Contemporary patients can chose the from of care from various places: nursing homes, residential health care facilities, assisted living residences, comprehensive personal care homes, adult day care, alternate family care and so on.

essay about environmental health

A donor must be at least 17 years old and in good health, and weigh at least pounds. Furthermore prior to donating, a donor is obliged to pass health history and physical history reviews. Dimensions of Health Essay The importance of physical, spiritual, emotional, social, intellectual, occupational and environmental dimensions as the seven dimensions of human health. Growth in Nursing Care Essay The studies on the growth of nursing productivity level and the contemporary demand on nursing.

Effects of alcohol on the human body Essay The impact and the dramatic effects of alcohol on the human body. Dimensions of Health Essay Why it is considered that human health consists out of 7 major dimensions? Is the physical dimension more important than the rest of the dimensions? In what way does the physical dimension affect the spiritual one and the four remaining dimensions?

Growth in Nursing Care Essay Why is nursing considered to be a growing field of medicine? What role does nursing play in ambulatory patients care? What are the factors nursing productivity depend on? Homeopathy essay How is Homeopathy treated nowadays? What the attitude of modern medicine to homeopathic treatment? What is the general principle of functioning of homeopathy?

Effects of alcohol on the human body Essay Why is alcohol considered to be a destructive substance? How does social drinking influence the alcohol habits of the society?We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. Categories Health. Views Essay, Pages 5 words. Introduction Health is important to each and every one of us. Everyone needs to be healthy and not only physically but also mentally and psychologically.

The health of any given individuals will determine how he or she functions. The purpose of this writing is to inform people on the importance of their health. However, to have a healthy life and remain will be almost impossible without healthcare, which may be provided by but not limited to hospitals, institutions, nurses, doctors, dentists, government agencies, and voluntary agencies.

It is ones right and responsibility to have healthcare. The focus is on how, where, and by whom should healthcare be provided. ANA Even though this is a pertinent issue, most consumers are often faced with cultural and social factors while healthcare providers on the other hand face some cultural and ethical issues as to what to do in particular circumstances. Definition: Health can be defined in so many ways. As defined by Craven and Hirnle, Health may be state of well-being and optimal functioning.

It is also defined as interactive process between the person and the internal and external environment. Verified writer. Literature review. According to Lorian et alphealth is really important and they discuss various ways to improve the health of the population. They focus on health promotion and disease prevention rather than health care services.

She discussed the goals and objectives of the healthy people The author states that the nation needs to identify various ways to improve on the health of its citizens, educate the entire population on factors that affect health and the various ways to promote a healthy lifestyle and prevent diseases.

Beal,p Price and Thomas had their own point of view which includes improving health policies and practices, as the best way to promote health. In order to improve on the health care policies and practices, they cited Colebatch who talked on two kinds of policies: vertical policy dimension and horizontal policy dimension, which could be used in the healthcare system. Price and Thomas suggest that policies must have certain features such as titles must specify the age group they are referring.

The health of the nation is also, greatly determine by the number of people that have health insurance. Most unhealthy individual are usually illegal immigrants with no insurance. The government is already spending much on health care and it almost impossible for it to spend money on illegal immigrants.

Catlin et aldiscuss the impact of health care on the US government. They mention that 2. People are faced with every-day activities that either mar or make their health. If people are unhealthy, they might not be able to carry out their daily activities. A nation cannot be completely health but then it should not be characterized by high levels of disease.

For example, depression is something of the mind. It is not a disease like malaria, but then it greatly affects the health of individuals who is depressed. If the individual is depressed, he cannot function normally. His sleep and wake cycle, eating habits, and interaction with his environment is almost completely affected. This may therefore give room for others disease such as obesity. Therefore, in order to maintain a healthy environment, it is important not to only focus on the cure of diseases or absence of disease, but also to maintain a psychologically and mentally environment.Life on this planet is interconnected.

Nothing is isolated and everything has an impact on everything else. With concerns about climate change looming and becoming more immediate, we need to understand how our environment and health are connected.

Below you will find some essays on environment and human health that can help you in your examinations, assignments.

What is environmental health?

Select any environment and human health essay you need from the ones given below. Human health is defined as the state of well-being with regards to the mental, physical and social aspects of the human condition. A person cannot be called healthy merely because of the absence of disease; he or she needs to be doing well in all ways to actually qualify as healthy. Many factors play a role in determining our health — biological, nutritional, psychological and chemical.

These factors can be influenced by internal and external conditions. Externally, the biggest factor that influences our health is our environment. Each part affects us and thereby our health. With emissions from vehicles, factories and fires, our air supply is full of toxic chemicals that present the risk of lung cancer, heart disease and asthma.

The food we eat is covered in pesticides that make soil less fertile and can be carcinogenic for us. The human body needs water to survive but our water sources are full of human and industrial wastes that create serious health issues. We need to remember that we have to live in synergy with our environment.

Essay on Environmental Pollution

What we put out in it will come back to us. Unless we do something now, the earth will very soon no longer be a habitable planet. Human tendency has always been to subjugate our surroundings. We take pleasure in conquering and reshaping our environment as though it is beneath us and we are supreme.

However, the simple truth is that humans are as dependent upon the environment as any other animals on the planet for our continued well-being. Therefore, if we harm our environment, we harm ourselves. Our physical, mental and social well-being is dependent upon our surroundings. What we put into the ecosystem is eventually cycled back to us. The pollutants we discard into this ecosystem find their way back through the air we breathe, the food we consume and the water we drink.

Since we discard these pollutants because they are harmful to us, it follows that when we inadvertently consume them afterwards, they will still have harmful effects on our health.Identified and explain situations that make populations underserved and apply the recommendations from Healthy People initiatives to meet individual, family, and population health needs.

Are there legal obligations that you can identify in relation to rural, correctional, LGBTQ, or homeless health? Give specific examples and what your resource would be to address these issues. Explain the different types of disasters and how they may vary, the primary goal of simulation in disaster preparedness and the phases involved in disaster planning Underserved Populations And Environmental Health Essay. Human obesity is a serious public health issue that presents detrimental physical, social, and mental health consequences.

There are many cultural, economic and political factors that all have association to the relationship between the built environment and its influence on obesity.

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The prevalent rise in obesity has been linked to a variety of direct and indirect causes including area of residences, resources, television, walkability, land use and many more Booth et al. Underserved Populations And Environmental Health Essay Understanding the impact of the built environment on obesity may provide the information necessary to develop successful prevention methods. Obesity occurs due to a complex interaction between diet, physical activity, and the environment Papas et al. Studies have shown that there is relevance between human obesity and disadvantaged environments of low socioeconomic status.

I presume that disadvantaged populations are more likely to live in communities that do not support healthy choices.

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This paper seeks to prove that a higher prevalence of human obesity is most commonly found in environments of disadvantaged populations. Populations that lack the proper cultural, economic and political influence towards a healthy environment, see a consequent increase in human obesity.

Overweight obesity has more recently been a public health concern for western societies since in non-industrial and anti-western societies these health problems are essentially nonexistent. Particularly in North America and many European countries, the prevalence of obesity has nearly doubled in recent decades and has been rising over the last century Carlos et al.

The industrialization of the food supply making food more readily available and at a reduced cost has caused greater consumption and heightened unawareness to its low nutritional value.

With childhood obesity having an increasing prevalence, a heavier focus has been set upon resolving this public health crisis through more effective research funding, new dietary awareness, physical activity, and environmental changes. Methods The associations between obesity and the environment have been consistent in recent studies.

essay about environmental health

Medline provided many public health oriented articles that were essential to my research and also directed me to resources from Statistics Canada. Google Scholar provided majority of my articles as there was a greater amount of information on cultural affects and social inequalities. Many results from my keywords used in the Google search were much more apparent and led me to a few articles that have done some more particular research on the subject of obesity as an environmental issue.

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Many of my results were articles with a more specific focus on the obesity issue i. It has become well known that societies transitioning further into westernized culture are experiencing substantial increases in obesity Carlos et al.

The culture of the environment can contribute significantly to obesity by promoting problematic dietary and activity patterns. Some argue that modern western culture carries a sense of materialism and individualism which have tended to be detrimental to human health Eckersley, The built environment is compromised by the advertising and marketing effect of materialism.

In areas of disadvantaged populations the influence of culture and materialism can largely cause a need for greater consumption where then financial instability becomes disabling. I presume that, particularly with families, meeting the materialistic needs of youth born into a highly capitalized world can result in making financial sacrifices.

Disadvantaged populations are the most compromised as the financial burden of materialism can lead to a decreased attention to healthy choices and proper nourishment. This also raises the assumption that less attention is given to choice of food where then the decision is made purely based upon its price. Cheaper fast-food type diet contains a large caloric intake which contributes highest to risks of obesity Liu et al.

Fast food corporations understand that they are the cheaper alternative for poorer neighborhoods. They then see a greater presence of fast-food restaurants and convenience stores than wealthier neighborhoods with supermarkets Booth et al. Aside from unhealthy nutrition, materialistic culture sees the introduction of new innovations yearly.

New technology is principally the cause for the greater prevalence of obesity since there becomes little or no time for physical activity. Television and computers appear to be the most significant products contributing to inactivity among adults and particularly children Carlos et al.

Studies have shown that individuals leading inactive western lifestyles are incompatible with human evolution, especially when compared to those leading active lifestyles i. The built environment has lost its use among children who preferably remain inactive and inside. I presume that this is even more prevalent in areas of disadvantaged populations since the built environment lacks the funding to encourage areas of physical activity. Obesity is largely linked to the commercial food powers whose economic interests do not account for their habitual influence on public diet choices and consumption habits.As a result of the significant disruption that is being caused by the COVID pandemic we are very aware that many researchers will have difficulty in meeting the timelines associated with our peer review process during normal times.

Please do let us know if you need additional time.

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Our systems will continue to remind you of the original timelines but we intend to be highly flexible at this time. Since the introduction of glyphosate-tolerant genetically-modified plants, glyphosate has become the most widely used pesticide on the planet.

This review considers the adequacy of recent studies for addressing the carcinogenicity of glyphosate and reanalyzes data to identify significant increases in tumors. Perfluoroalkyl a nd polyfluoroalkyl substances PFAS are used in a wide range of consumer products and are associated with a wide range of adverse health effects. Authors: Susan C. Most recent articles RSS. View all articles. Authors: Edward Broughton. Most accessed articles RSS. Environmental Health calls for papers in this subject area which will be a part of a cross-journal collection.

Environmental Health operates an open peer-review system, where the reviewers' names are included on the peer review reports for authors. For more information, see our peer-review policy. Environmental Health publishes manuscripts on all aspects of environmental and occupational medicine and related studies in toxicology and epidemiology. The journal is aimed at scientists and practitioners in all areas of environmental science where human health and well-being are involved, either directly or indirectly.

Environmental Health is a public health journal serving the public health community and scientists working on matters of public health interest and importance pertaining to the environment. Environmental Health lists relevant EH opportunities for free. Skip to main content. Search all BMC articles Search. A comprehensive analysis of the animal carcinogenicity data for glyphosate Since the introduction of glyphosate-tolerant genetically-modified plants, glyphosate has become the most widely used pesticide on the planet.

Read more. Concentrations of perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances and blood glucose in pregnant women Perfluoroalkyl a nd polyfluoroalkyl substances PFAS are used in a wide range of consumer products and are associated with a wide range of adverse health effects. Content type: Review 7 December Content type: Research 7 December Content type: Research 3 December Content type: Research 26 November Most recent articles RSS View all articles. Content type: Commentary 26 January Content type: Commentary 27 December Content type: Review 18 September Content type: Review 21 October Most accessed articles RSS View all articles.

Blogs from Environmental Health. Can Twitter and Google help improve heat wave warning systems?Everything that surrounds us is referred to as our environment. It includes living, non living, natural or manmade things. Our natural environment includes trees, bushes, gardens, rivers, lakes, air etc. Ancient humans lived closer to the natural environment and therefore they lived healthier and longer.

But today we are surrounded by the artificial environment that we have created for ourselves — buildings, air conditioned rooms, streets, shopping complexes, vehicles emitting poisonous gases, dust etc. It would hardly require a second thought to conclude that this self made artificial environment of ours is a harmful creation.

Not only we are breathing pollution but also doing considerable damage to nature, in our expedition to grow materialistically, further aggravating the situation.

essay about environmental health

The more we move away from our natural environment, the more we move away from health and longevity. In the following essays we will discuss in details, the meaning and significance of environment and how it could be protected.

Use following Environment Essay for your kids and children to help them in completing their school project or essay writing competition. Following Essay on Environment are written using very simple word and easy to understand English Language so that your children can easy understand it. An environment is the natural surroundings which help life to grow, nourish and destroy on this planet called earth. Natural environment plays a great role in the existence of life on earth and it helps human beings, animals and other living things to grow and develop naturally.

But due to some bad and selfish activities of the human beings, our environment is getting affected. As we all are well familiar with the environment, it is everything which surrounds us naturally and affects our daily lives on the earth. Everything comes under an environment, the air which we breathe every moment, the water which we use for our daily routine, plants, animals and other living things, etc around us.

An environment is called healthy environment when natural cycle goes side by side without any disturbance. Now, in the era of advance living standard of the human being, our environment is getting affected to a great extent by the means of air pollution, noise pollution, deforestation, water pollution, soil pollution, acid rain and other dangerous disasters created by the human beings through technological advancement. We all must take an oath together to protect our natural environment to keep it safe as usual forever.

Environment means all the natural surroundings such as land, air, water, plants, animals, solid material, wastes, sunlight, forests and other things.

However, now a day, some manmade technological advancement spoiling the environment in many ways which ultimately disturbs the balance or equilibrium of nature. We are keeping our lives in danger as well as existence of life in future on this planet. If we do anything in wrong way out of the discipline of nature, it disturbs the whole environment means atmosphere, hydrosphere and lithosphere.

Besides natural environment, a man made environment is also exists which deals with the technology, work environment, aesthetics, transportation, housing, utilities, urbanization, etc.

Man made environment affects the natural environment to a great extent which we all must be together to save it. The components of the natural environment are used as a resource however it is also exploited by the human being in order to fulfill some basic physical needs and purpose of life.

We should not challenge our natural resources and stop putting so much pollution or waste to the environment. We should value our natural resources and use them by staying under the natural discipline.

An environment includes all the natural resources which surround us to help in number of ways. It provides us better medium to grow and develop. It gives us all things which we need to live our life on this planet. However, our environment also need some help from all of us to get maintained as usual, to nourish our lives forever and to never ruin our lives.

The elements of our environment are declining day by day because of the man made technological disaster. We need to maintain the originality of our environment to continue the life on the earth, the only place where life is possible till now in the whole universe. World Environment Day is a campaign being celebrated for years every year on 5 th of June in order to spread the public awareness all over the world towards the environment safety and cleanliness.

We must participate in the campaign celebration to know the theme of celebration, to know ways of saving our environment and to get aware about all the bad habits which declining the environment day by day. We can save our environment in very easy manner with the little step taken by every person on the earth. We should reduce the amount of waste, throwing wastes properly to its place only, stop using poly bags, reuse some old things in new ways, repair and use broken things instead of throwing it away, see how much it would take to repair them, use rechargeable batteries or renewable alkaline batteries, make use of fluorescent light, rain water conservation, reduce water wastage, energy conservation, minimum use of electricity, etc.

An environment is gifted by the nature to nourish the life on the earth.

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